How to Play

How to Play Elephant Parade Safari


When you first launch the application, you will land on the first of the menu tabs, which is dedicated to actions having to do with the Elephants themselves.



In Elephant Parade Safari, elephants are divided into in 3 groups:

…IN THE WILD are elephants that have not yet been collected.

…MY HERD are the elephants that have been collected.

…IN THE HOSPITAL are elephants, either collected or not, that have been taken in for repair.

You can also select SHOW ALL from the main list view to show the complete set of elephants.



Consult the IN THE WILD list to see which elephants are closest to you or browse the list to see which elephants you find most interesting. Once you’ve decided which elephant you wish to find, switch to MAP view to find its locations.



Once you’ve located an elephant IN THE WILD, simply tap on its name to open the ELEPHANT DETAILS screen. Here you’ll find information about the elephant, access the camera to take a photo and the chance to collect it into MY HERD.

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