More Than Just Good Ideas

At FunRigger we always find ourselves adding to our portfolio of platform-expanding concepts. In line with our business strategy we have developed a range of ideas which fall into, but are not limited to, the categories listed below.

While the concepts are in varying degrees of production, we continue to develop our technology with every project upon which we embark, strengthening the foundations across all ventures.


Client Productions:


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Elephant Parade Safari is a location-based, elephant collecting game developed in support of the Elephant Parade and the Asian Elephant Foundation. 

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White Label Productions:




Parallel Parks is a location-based, smartphone game designed to be played during a visit to a theme park. The player is introduced to an alternate universe mirroring the theme park, but in a state of disarray. By completing challenges linked to the rides and discovery of the park, the player restores the Game World to its former glory and wins the adulation of its inhabitants.

Theme parks around the world all face the challenge of the huge contrast between the extremely intense experiences on the rides and significantly less intense experiences when walking around the park and during the inevitable waiting times.

Parallel Parks is created to address this gap, supplementing and enhancing the theme park experience without interfering directly with the experiences of the ride.

By delivering compelling game experiences focusing on the location in which they are played, FunRigger: Parallel Parks brings both a new level of engagement to location-based games and increases the value of visiting a theme park.


Festival Friends

Festival Friends is designed to complement any festival experience – be it music, film, or cake-baking! Festivals share three fundamental challenges, informing their visitors, connecting those visitors together, and staying in touch with the visitors before and after the festival experience. Festival Friends is designed to act as an information pipe, festival companion, and social bridge all in one, giving your visitors a great experience and the power to communicate their opinions and ratings directly back to you.

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