Redefining Location Based Gaming

At FunRigger we believe that personal relevance and social context play a much greater role in how smartphone owners perceive and use location-aware applications than has been addressed by most currently available software. By harnessing these elements FunRigger intends to revolutionize the way we interact with mobile devices on a daily basis.

What’s all the fuss about Location Based Gaming?

GPS-enabled smartphones such as iPhone and Android are now achieving mass-market penetration, giving an extremely cost-effective way of engaging and communicating directly with the public. Location-based gaming takes advantage of such devices to deliver gaming experiences at times when players are away from their normal gaming environments.

FunRigger was established with the objective of delivering effective and compelling location-based gaming experiences based around a number of core principles. By collaborating with existing brands and IPs, we can deliver great player experiences, as well as help those brands to achieve their market objectives.

Our core principles can be summarized as the following:

  • Achievement, not just “badgification”
  • Contextualization of experience
  • Social interaction is key to the experience
  • Lightweight drop-in, drop-out.
  • Augment, don’t overpower
  • Engage with partners early in the process
  • Drag the game around the player, not the player around the game


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