A Collaborative Business Strategy

With a background of global infrastructure development, our business strategy is based on a portfolio approach of B2B white-labelled solutions coupled with direct B2C offerings. We actively seek new domains that can benefit from location-based games and gameification, and develop a strategic approach to develop the market and build sustainable business units in the marketplace.

The FunRigger approach is born of long term experience of both client-based development and innovation development. Read more about our key competencies on the Team page.

Firstly, our management team identifies a potential strategic area where we can bring a significant benefit from the application of our technology, and qualify the market opportunity. After validating the market potential, we develop a number of concepts and prototypes based around the core challenges faced every day by the major participants within the market. Finally, we approach key potential partners within the market, with a view to forming a strategic partnership to evolve our initial developments through to product maturity and launch.

We are interested in active investors who can add value through a domain specific background to aid in vertical or horizontal growth, or by those who can offer an overall strategic perspective. If this is you, please feel free to contact us directly for more information:

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